New Belgian Cochrane review published!

A new Cochrane systematic review by Belgian authors has just been published in the Cochrane Library. Verbeeck and colleagues studied the effects of bupropion in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This drug may have beneficial effects on ADHD symptoms, and seems well tolerated. Unfortunately, the quality of the identified evidence was low. Only 6 studies were found, of which 5 were small and poorly conducted.

New systematic review course dates announced!

The first part of our systematic review course: writing the protocol will take place on Thursday November 23rd 2017. Registrations are open now!

The second part of our systematic review course: how to conduct a systematic review will take place on Wednesday January 17th and Thursday January 18th 2017. Registrations will open soon.

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New Belgian Cochrane review published

Sprengers and colleagues from the Neurology department of the Ghent University Hospital published an update of their review on deep brain and cortical stimulation for the treatment of epilepsy. The review now contains 12 RCTs in which intracranial stimulation is being compared to a sham procedure. The follow-up in these trials in unfortunately to short to draw firm conclusions about the efficacy and safety of invasive intracranial neurostimulation treatments. Read about it in the Cochrane Library.

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