About us

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Welcome to Cochrane Belgium

Cebam is the Belgian representative of Cochrane, an international network of collaborators from over 130 countries, consisting of researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and others interested, working together to produce credible, accessible health information, free from commercial sponsorship or any other conflicts of interest. The mission of Cochrane is contributing to evidence-based healthcare decision making, e.g. by producing high-quality, relevant and accessible systematic reviews. These are reviews of clearly defined questions, with explicit methods to identify, select and critically appraise relevant studies, and to collect and analyze data from the included studies.
Cochrane reviews are renowned worldwide for their high quality and our collected evidence is gradually finding its way to clinical practice, as well as the general audience.

Cochrane Belgium aims to:

  1. promote and represent Cochrane in Belgium;
  2. develop and support a network of Cochrane contributors in Belgium;
  3. spread Cochrane reviews in Belgium, amongst others by leading and facilitating translation initiatives;
  4. develop capacity to produce Cochrane reviews by offering methodological training and support to candidate authors, aiming to increase the amount and the quality of Cochrane systematic reviews performed in Belgium.

Cochrane systematic reviews are published in the Cochrane Library, which targets healthcare professionals, patients as well as policy makers. Abstracts of the reviews are freely available in the Cochrane Library, full-texts are accessible through Cebam’s Digital Library for Health (CDLH).

An important strategy for Cochrane to disseminate its evidence is by summarizing and translating Cochrane reviews. Cochrane Belgium actively contributes to this by publishing Cochrane Corners, i.e. translated summaries of Cochrane reviews in journals for healthcare professionals, such as Artsenkrant, Nursing, Axxon, De Apotheker and the Belgian Journal of Paediatrics.

Additionally, Cochrane tries to reach and involve its end users as much as possible in producing and spreading its evidence. The Cochrane Consumer Network allows anyone, with or without medical background, to get informed and involved in Cochrane’s activities.