Training & consultancy

1. Courses

Systematic review

This three-day course teaches you how to set up, perform and update a (Cochrane) systematic review. We alternate between plenary sessions and workshops and cover all major steps of a systematic review.

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GRADE is a method to grade the certainty of evidence in a systematic review and the recommendations in a guideline. The GRADE method is developed by the international GRADE Working Group and is widely used by organizations active in the field of evidence-based medicine.

The target audience of this course is anyone who wants to learn more about the GRADE method or wants to use the GRADE methodology in their systematic review or guideline. Our course focuses on GRADE for intervention studies.

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2. Consultancy

Cochrane Belgium also offers personal guidance to authors of (Cochrane) systematic reviews. We definitely recommend you to follow our course ‘Systematic Review’ first. However, if you cannot participate in any of the future courses, if you have specific questions or if you are looking for support in developing your systematic review, we can still offer help. We charge a small fee to offset our personnel costs, but only after a free exploratory meeting.

We can offer assistance at any step of the review process, including:

  • selecting the topic and identifying the appropriate Cochrane Review Group;
  • developing the PICO question and establishing the inclusion and exclusion criteria;
  • developing the search strategy for different databases;
  • drafting and filing a Cochrane protocol;
  • extracting data for the selected studies;
  • analysing data, including meta-analysis;
  • assessing risk of bias and GRADE;
  • reporting.