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  • We are proud to announce that we will collaborate with the Cochrane Rehabilitation field to translate some of their blogshots in Dutch and French. These blogshots will be disseminated via Axxon, a Belgian periodical for physiotherapy professionals.
    June 22 2018
  • Let us know. We like to keep track of all Belgian Cochrane activities. Furthermore, we can assist you during the review process, and of course promote your work after publication.
    May 23 2017
  • Cochrane Belgium is now also active on twitter. Follow @CochraneBelgium to be the first to hear about new courses and other Cochrane related news.
    April 19 2017
  • Cochrane Belgium is currently looking for volunteers to join the French translation team. Do you feel like contributing to Cochrane’s work by translating Plain Language Summaries from English to French? Do contact us. No prior experience is required.
    March 8 2017
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