Get involved

Cochrane is a non-profit organisation, and thrives on the enthusiasm of volunteers. You can also get involved!

Translating Plain Language Summaries

It is Cochrane’s ambition to spread its collected evidence as wide as possible. One strategy to do so is the addition of a Plain Language Summary to each of its reviews, which lowers the threshold for a broader audience to consult Cochrane reviews. Translating Cochrane evidence, and specifically the Plain Language Summary, from English to other languages is a priority for Cochrane, as this helps lowering the threshold for non-native English speakers.
Cochrane Belgium is currently looking for volunteers to join the French translation team. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us! No prior experience or knowledge is required.

Writing a Cochrane systematic review

If you are an expert in your field, want to be recognized as such and don’t mind getting a high-impact publication, why not consider writing a Cochrane review? Find the information about the writing process and see how we can support you.

Becoming a Cochrane citizen scientist via Cochrane Crowd

Not a scientist, but feel like getting involved in Cochrane’s scientific work? Then you can join Cochrane Crowd, where you can screen records for potential inclusion in the Cochrane trials register, CENTRAL. No prior experience or knowledge is required.