Wikipedia is an important source of information for many people across the globe. Worldwide, over 10 million people per day access health-related information on Wikipedia. In 2018 English health-related articles accounted for 2.2 billion views. This led to the development of a Cochrane-Wikipedia collaboration in 2014. The goal is to share the results of Cochrane reviews, the Cochrane evidence, to ensure that health-related content is accurate and reliable.

The Dutch version of Wikipedia is less comprehensive than the English version. Nevertheless, we believe we can still reach a large audience. In September 2019, Cochrane Belgium therefore started its own Wikipedia project (in Dutch), substantiating or supplementing health-related pages in Dutch with the results from Cochrane reviews. In this way we contribute to accurate and unbiased health information on the Dutch Wikipedia pages.

Would you like to contribute to this project with Cochrane Belgium? A good mastery of the Dutch language is necessary. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact Marleen Corremans if you’re interested.

Cochrane is also active on the French Wikipedia pages. Cochrane France is in charge of this project. If you would like to contribute to the French Wikipedia project, please contact us and/or have a look at the Wikipedia page of Cochrane France.

Not fluent in Dutch nor French? Of course you can also join the English Cochrane-Wikipedia project: